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Lara Johnson, PLMHP



I started my college career with an Associate’s in Liberal Arts at Metropolitan Community College and transferred to Bellevue University where I received my undergraduate degree in Behavioral Science. I eventually went on to get a Master’s in Clinical Counseling. While in my graduate program, I did internships at Sienna Francis, Immanuel’s Intensive Outpatient Program, and the Women’s Center for Advancement. The varied experience ignited a passion in me to work with many different populations. 


Since graduating I have worked with adolescents with trauma and varying ages and genders who have eating disorders. The main modality I used to conduct therapy with these populations was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but as a therapist I view myself as eclectic. I like to pull from varying models and cater my approach to the individual and their needs. 


I do not have a specific preferred population per se. I just have an overwhelming love for conducting therapy and providing help. I do enjoy challenging myself and would like to work with those who have SPMIs. 



More About Lara

In my free time I enjoy reading. It is dangerous to leave me unattended in Half Price Books. I have never walked out of that store with any less than 5 novels.  My collection of Stephen King books probably challenges the library’s. I also enjoy making candles and adult coloring books. I go to Fontenelle Forest as much as I can to take hikes (weather allowing). 

My main goal in life is to enjoy it as much as possible. I want to keep being an effective therapist while having a good work life balance and spending as much time with my cats as I can. 

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If nothing changes nothing changes. 

- Courtney C. Stevens

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